Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) school students.
Information for participants

This survey is for members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools (APACS) who assess CALD students in school for learning difficulties. This information will assist in informing more specific and tailored professional development to assist in solving some of the difficulties in assessing CALD students. 

The survey will contribute to a Master of Psychology degree undertaken at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) by the principal researcher Azucena Velasco Leon. Ms Leon is supervised by Professor Marilyn Campbell in the Faculty of Education at QUT. It is expected that this survey will take 20 minutes. The survey is completely anonymous. Although the findings of the survey may be published, none of the information you provide will be/ can be linked to you as an individual. If, after reading the information above, you agree to continue with the survey and have experience in assessing CALD students for learning difficulties , choose ‘I agree to participate’ from the options below and proceed. 

We encourage participants to answer all the questions in the survey. However, if there is a question that you cannot answer, simply leave it blank and move to the next question. Should you change your mind at any time and decide to withdraw, simply close your browser and you will automatically exit the survey. 

If you want more information before you decide whether or not to participate, please email Azucena Velasco Leon at or Prof Marilyn Campbell at  If you do not agree to proceed with the survey, please choose ‘I do not agree’ from the options below or simply close this window to leave the survey.  The Human Research Ethics Committee from Queensland University of Technology has reviewed this study and granted approval (Number: 1700000104).