Healthy Land and Water Survey 2018
QUT Ethics Approval Number 1500000402

RESEARCH TEAM                  

Principal Researcher:Dr Kim Johnston, QUT Business School,
Queensland University of Technology
Associate Researchers:Dr Amanda Beatson, QUT Business School,
Queensland University of Technology
Dr Paul Maxwell, Principal Scientist, Healthy Land and Water
Dr Emily Saeck, Senior Scientist, Healthy Land and Water


The purpose of this research is to understand the attitudes and behaviours that underpin expectations and actions towards using and valuing local waterways in communities across Queensland. You are invited to participate in this project because you are over 18 years old and you live in South East Queensland.


Your participation will involve completing an anonymous online survey with Likert scale answers (strongly agree – strongly disagree) and short answers. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time. Questions will include:

  • Using my local waterways is an integral part of my life
  • In your opinion, what are the THREE most important issues in South East Queensland today?
  • Thinking about the last 12 months, have you done any of the following activities in, on or alongside a waterway?

Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary. If you agree to participate you do not have to complete any question(s) you are uncomfortable answering. Your decision to participate or not participate will in no way impact upon your current or future relationship with QUT or with Healthy Land and Water. If you do agree to participate you can withdraw from the project without comment or penalty by closing your browser before you submit. If you close your browser, any data collected may be used. As the survey is anonymous, once it has been submitted it will not be possible to withdraw.

Win one of ten $100 Coles Myer Gift Vouchers.  You have a one in 50 chance of winning a gift voucher.

All competition information is summarised in the Terms and Conditions. Survey respondents voluntarily enter the competition by providing an email address at the end of the survey (which is stored separately from survey response data). By entering the competition, they are agreeing to the stated Terms and Conditions, as follows:

Terms and conditions

To be eligible to enter this competition, conducted by Healthy Land and Water (HLW) and QUT, you must be 18 years or over and you must complete the Healthy Land and Water Social Science Research Survey 2018.

Only one entry per participant. HLW reserves the right to exclude any persons from the competition.

HLW may, subject to State Regulations, terminate this competition or vary its terms at any time at its absolute discretion without liability to any contestant or other person.

The competition will be drawn on Wednesday 6 June at HLW, Level 19, 160 Ann St, Brisbane, Qld, 4000. Winners will be notified by phone or email. Ten prize winners will be drawn at random from all valid entries. Each winner will receive one $100 Coles Myer gift card valued at $100 redeemable from any Coles Myer accepting retail outlet see

If for some reason a winner is unable to be contacted within three months, despite all reasonable means by HLW, the prize will be redrawn. The results will not be published.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this competition or these Terms and Conditions. In the unlikely event of a dispute, HLW’s decision shall be final. HLW reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw this competition at any time without notice.

To the extent permitted by law, all contestants release from, and indemnify the HLW against, all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize or participation in the competition including (but not limited to) loss of income, personal injury and damage to property and whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.

Personal contact details collected in this form is for the purposes of processing your entry and used.

Expected benefits

It is expected that this project will not directly benefit you. However, it may help to inform policy and community education programs about using and protecting waterways in Queensland. A summary report of this research, in the form of the Healthy Land and Water Report Card, will be available in November 2018. If you would like to receive a copy of this report via email in November, you will be offered the opportunity to leave your email address at the end of the survey.


There are no foreseen risks associated with your participation in this study. However, if you experience any level of discomfort as a result of completing the survey, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All comments and responses are anonymous and will be treated confidentially unless required by law. The names of individual persons are not required in any of the responses. Any data collected as part of this project will be stored securely as per QUT’s Management of research data policy. Please note that non-identifiable data collected in this project may be used as comparative data in future projects or stored on an open access database for secondary analysis. Data collected in this survey will be used to inform the social component of the Healthy Land and Water Report Card 2018 and also for comparison for future report cards. The project is jointly funded by QUT and Healthy Land and Water. Healthy Land and Water will have access to the data obtained during the project.

Consent to Participate

Commencing the online survey is accepted as an indication of your consent to participate in this project.

Questions / further information about the project

If you have any questions or require further information please contact one of the research team members below.

Dr Kim Johnston, QUT Business School
Phone      31384089
Dr Amanda Beatson, QUT Business School
Phone      31381241

Concerns / complaints regarding the conduct of the project

QUT is committed to research integrity and the ethical conduct of research projects.  However, if you do have any concerns or complaints about the ethical conduct of the project you may contact the QUT Research Ethics Unit on [+61 7] 3138 5123 or email The QUT Research Ethics Unit is not connected with the research project and can facilitate a resolution to your concern in an impartial manner.

Are you over 18 years of age?
Are you over 18 years of age?