GZ35 Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management)

This application form should be used by students applying for admission to the Public Sector Management (PSM) program in 2019.


Form Usability

1. This form works best using Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Please refrain from using Internet Explorer.

2. If you have been to this page before, please action one of the following before proceeding to the next page to complete the application form.

- Press F5 on your keyboard; or
- Empty your browser cache in your browser settings; or
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You must upload supporting documentation with your application. Before you start to complete the application form, ensure you have the following documentation ready to upload.
  • Qualifications: Academic transcripts and award certificates from prior study (refer to additional information below). 
  • CV.  Your CV should clearly detail your years of employment, position title and responsibilities.
  • Employer financial authorisation form. 
  • Applicant suitability assessment form. 
  • Name change documentation (if required). 
  • Proof of Citizenship / Residency status i.e passport and visa. This documentation is required if you are an Australian Permanent Resident or Permanent humanitarian visa holder. 
  • English language requirements (if applicable). Refer to additional information below. 

You will need to upload each document individually in the appropriate section as you work through the application form.

Please ensure that the file name for each attachment includes at least your full name. 

Additional information: Qualifications

QUT study

You do not need to submit / provide academic records (transcript and award certificates) for study undertaken at QUT.  

Non-QUT study

If you have undertaken study at another Australian University (including a predecessor institution), you will need to provide QUT with a copy of your academic transcript and award certificate.

If you do not have a copy of your academic record, QUT may be able to obtain it directly from your former institution on your behalf. 

QUT can obtain your records, including grades, from a number of Australian universities using postgraduate@QTACNot all universities, however, are listed with postgraduate@QTAC.  

If you would like QUT to access your academic records on your behalf, you must initially check if this option is available by reviewing 
the list of institutions for which we can obtain postgraduate@QTAC records

Note:  Processing delays of up to 10 days can occur if you are unable to provide your academic record with your application. In addition, if you have outstanding debt from any institution, you must provide your academic history with your application as postgraduate@QTAC will be blocked by your former institution.

What do I do if postgraduate@QTAC is not available and I do not have academic transcripts / award certificate?

If you do not have a copy of your academic record and postgraduate@QTAC is not available for your institution, you will need to contact your prior institution to request copies of your academic transcript and award certificate. 

Additional information: English language requirements

If your previous studies were not completed in English, or were completed in a country where English is not the first language, you will need to demonstrate that you meet QUT’s English proficiency requirements. 

You can do this by providing results of an English language test that QUT recognises, see https://www.qut.edu.au/international/applying/step-3-check-you-meet-the-entry-requirements/english-language-requirements


If you require assistance, please contact PSM Program on 1800 145 041 or psmprogram@qut.edu.au