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Conditions of Use

The following conditions apply to ALL survey developers using Key Survey Software at QUT:

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Conditions for developing QUT Surveys:

  • The QUT logo MUST be displayed on the first page of your survey and/or on any coversheets.
  • You MUST add a short statement on your survey cover letter or in any pre-survey documents, that tells your respondents about mandatory commitments that apply to all QUT surveys (Participant Information Sheets cover this condition for research):
    • Privacy
    • Confidentiality; &
    • Anonymity
    • NOTE: Please follow the Privacy and Security links provided for more information (opens a new browser window or tab).
  • You MUST include appropriate survey contact details (the person responsible for your survey) for respondents to address possible issues or concerns if they arise.
  • Ensure that your survey's visual colour is consistent with QUT Corporate Identity (this link will open a new browser tab or window).
  • Include a statement about ethical commitments and considerations taken for your survey:

Conditions for Survey Accessibility:

  • While designing your surveys please be considerate of your respondents' ability to read your surveys. For example:
    • Colours and background colours should not make it difficult for your respondents to read your survey content.
    • An image "Description" or "ALT" tags should be used to display text for important images if they cannot be loaded.
    • Text alternative transcripts and/or captions should be provided along with multimedia content (e.g. embedded Flash videos).
    • Provide alternate ways to access inaccessible materials:
      • For example: Surveys which rely on embedded Flash should include a link to a text-based version of the same survey.
      • If you cannot develop an online alternative, you should include an acknowledgement of this fact and provide contact details for alternate access.
  • For more information about web accessibility requirements at QUT please refer to the QUT Web Manual (this link will open a new browser tab or window).
  • You can also find more accessibility tools on the Web Code and Key Survey page in this site.

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