Key Survey History

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We have provided a brief history of Key Survey and its integration with QUT below.

NOTE: This has been provided as an additional reference for your information and research use.

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Timeline Summary

  • 2004:
    • HPC staff members Bernadette Savage and Ray Duplock begin to investigate available online survey tools.
  • 2005:
    • Web Developers from numerous faculties request better survey creation software than what they currently use.
    • Up until this point most people have been using freeware, external services or custom CGI scripts.
  • 2006 (July - November):
    • Researchers request a web-based system to help them create complex surveys with privacy and security features.
    • The number of requests continue to increase as external solutions cannot meet these needs.
  • 2006 - 2007 (November - January):
    • A Student Project is conducted to evaluate existing web-based survey tools.
    • Project is jointly led by Robert Smith and Ray Duplock.
    • Key Survey is chosen as the most affordable and efficient system.
  • 2007 (March):
    • DVC Research & Advancement and QUT researchers support Key Survey use
    • ITS Director is convinced that an internal survey system will give a leading edge to eResearch at the university.
  • 2007 (June - December):
    • The Faculty of Business begins using Key Survey as a pilot project.
  • 2008 (February):
    • Key Survey service is established and supported by the Faculty of Business and HPC Staff
    • All online resources are supported by Frederic Fery, Allan James and Ashley Wright.
  • 2009 (April):
    • Key Survey becomes a central service freely provided to ALL QUT Staff & Students
    • New web pages, workshops and a dedicated server ( are advertised university-wide.
    • Key Survey classes begin to complement qualitative and quantitative seminars to help improve researchers' results.
    • Support staff includes Ray Duplock, Bernadette Savage and Neil Kelson.
    • Donald Gee assumes the role of the primary Survey-DEC.
  • 2010 (January):
    • Key Survey becomes an official survey development tool for QUT Staff and Students.
    • HPC Manager, Dr Joseph Young finalises Key Survey's perpetual licence with WorldApp.
    • HPC staff members Ashley Wright and Donald Gee consistently monitor and support Key Survey to ensure high and reliable performance.