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Account Lifecycle

This page explains what happens to your account over long periods of time and how you can manage them in situations that you may face in the long term:

What happens when my account is created?

What do I do if I'm leaving QUT?

Your Key Survey account will still remain in our system, even after you change roles or leave the university.

  • When you decide to leave QUT you will need to inform Survey Support via email.
    • This email should inform Survey Support if you would like to close your account or hand it over to a replacement in your group at QUT.
  • If you choose to close your account, it will be flagged with an "_r" suffix and archived on our server.
  • You will no longer be able to login to or use your account.
  • All of your surveys and data responses will be kept indefinitely.
  • Your surveys and data response data can be retrieved at any time after you leave by making an email request to Survey Support.

What if I change jobs in QUT and wish to keep my account?

If you change roles at QUT and wish to keep using your account, you can send an email request to Survey Support to perform one of the following:

  • Transfer ownership of your original account to a replacement and copy surveys you wish to keep to a new one; OR
  • Copy surveys you no longer need to your successor's account.

In either case, both of you will need a Key Survey account. You will need to include your replacement person in the email request (CC or BCC) and provide his/her details:

  • Name
  • QUT Username
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email Address

If ownership of your old account is transferred, the details for it will update to that new person's ID:

  • The login name, registered email and contact details will be change.
  • The password will be reset for the new owner.
  • You will lose access to this account and its integrity will change due to new owner use.

To transfer surveys between accounts, your email request to Survey Support will also need to include:

  • Your account login name (i.e. the login name that you use to enter your Key Survey account).
  • The survey IDs of the surveys you wish to transfer
  • Your replacement's Key Survey login name.

Additional Notes about Account Transfers:

  • If you are changing roles at QUT and want to save your personal surveys, a new account can be created for you with migrated data.
  • Surveys, reports and results can also be copied between accounts:
    • Replacement teams can create new Shared Accounts and request to copy important surveys.
  • Retiring account holders can close their accounts and provide copies of project work for their replacements.

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