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Key Survey Version Information

Key Survey version and location information is recorded here.

Each time an update is made, this page as well as the "Key Survey Introductory Guide" will be timestamped with the latest information.

Key Survey version information is provided as a reference for researchers to use in their studies:

CURRENT Key Survey Version - As at 9th August, 2018:

  • Key Survey: Version 8.26 (Build 186056)
  • Publication Date: 27th June, 2018
  • Developer: WorldApp
  • Developer Website: http://www.worldapp.com

QUT Server Details:

All surveys, response data, reports and accounts are stored on a secure server within QUT.

Security Certificate Information:

  • Issued By: QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G2
  • Organisation Unit: QuoVadis Limited
  • Expiry Date: 14th May, 2019

Key Survey References (APA Style):

  • URL Citation: Key Survey - The enterprise-wide feedback solution. (2018). Braintree, MA: WorldAPP
  • Standard Reference: WorldAPP Key Survey (2018). Key Survey. Braintree, MA: WorldAPP

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