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This page provides a number of frequently asked questions concerning Key Survey accounts and account management. This page will be updated as new popular questions arise.

01. What are account types?

Key Survey account types allow you to set permissions and access rights to a single or multiple users:

  • When you first apply for an account you can tell us what type of account you would like to have.
  • You can learn more about your options on the "Account Types" page.
  • You can also request account type changes at any time while you own a Key Survey account.

02. How do I apply for a different account type?

When you apply for an account you can specify which account type you'd like to have:

03. What does "Special Requirements" in the Activation request form mean?

The "Special Requirements" section allows you tell us about your specific needs for the account you are requesting:

  • This section is commonly used for specifying:
    • A group or team name for your account;
    • A specific "Account type" request; OR
    • Anything that you would like your account to be able to do.
  • For further details about "Special Requirements", visit the "Account Request Form Explained" page.
  • To learn more about "Account Types", follow the provided link.

04. Can we update our Key Survey account once it has been made?

Yes - You can change your account type at any time by sending an email request to Survey Support.

05. What does "Subscription Expired" mean? Do we need to pay to renew it?

"Subscription Expired" means that your account has been closed. You will need to make a renewal request any time that this occurs. No costs or fees are required:

  • By default your account is set to be active for at least one year.
  • When your subscription expires simply send an email to Survey Support.

06. My survey developer has left QUT and I need those surveys. What do I do?

You will need to send an email request to Survey Support to have that survey and its results copied to your account:

  • When a survey developer leaves QUT:
    • They will need to inform Survey Support so one or more of the following will be done:
    • - Their account will be locked and archived.
    • - The account and its contents can be copied for a new owner.
    • - Ownership of the account can be transferred and it can can be copied for archival purposes.
  • If your survey developer owned a group account:
    • Surveys belonging to just that owner can be moved into an archival account; OR
    • A successor can assume ownership of a new account and team surveys can be copied into it.
  • Please refer to the Account Lifecycle page to learn more about your long term account options.

07. Can I access Key Survey after I leave QUT?

You can still visit the website but you will be unable to login to your account:

  • When you leave QUT your account is locked and archived to stop unauthorised access.
  • If you need to access your data or surveys at any time please contact Survey Support and they will be provided for you.

08. If I approve my own surveys do I need to send in an "Approval" letter?

Yes - You must fill in the "Approval" section of the form and follow the automated link to confirm your survey:

  • When you fill in the form you, as the approver, will receive an automated email.
  • You MUST follow the link in the email body to ensure that Survey Support receives your information and confirmation.
  • If these forms are not submitted or if they are filled in incorrectly they will not be processed.

09. How do I add sub-users in my Multi-Access Account?

You can use the "Administration" tab found at the top of your account pages when you login:

Please refer to the Multi-Access Account Guide to learn how to do this.

10. Can external people be sub-users? Are we allowed to have them?

People outside QUT can be sub-users, provided that they follow the conditions of use:

  • If your external sub-users are working on a QUT related project; &
  • They are not making any personal or commercial financial gain they can continue to use a sub-account.
  • NOTE: If your university related project ends your external sub-user account MUST be access restricted or closed.

11. How do sub-users get their usernames and passwords?

A username and password is automatically generated when a sub-user account is created:

  • Your sub-user's email address becomes their login name.
  • A password is automatically generated and sent to the sub-user whenever you create a new account.
  • NOTE: Account names are unique so you cannot create two sub-user accounts for the same person using this method.
    • This rule also applies if a person wishes to be a sub-user for two differently accounts.
    • In a situation where a single person needs two sub-user accounts please contact Survey Support for advice.

12. How do sub-users log into their Key Survey account?

A sub-user would log in the same way as you would with any other account type:

  • Visit the QUT Key Survey website at http://survey.qut.edu.au.
  • Click the Key Survey Login button or any of the "login" links.
  • Enter your "Username" and "Password" to login.
  • NOTE: You can hit CTRL+D to bookmark this page in your web browser for a faster login.

13. Why can't my sub-users see my survey?

Your sub-users may not have permission to see you surveys yet. You will need to set them:

You can learn more about how to set sub user permissions by referring to the Multi-Access Account Guide.

14. How do I let sub-users access my surveys?

You will need to move your surveys into a folder that your sub-users can access:

  • In a Multi-Access account your "Main" folder is only available to you.
  • Your sub-users can only access sub-folders that you create and set permissions for.
  • To do this:
    1. When you first login, create a new folder on the left-hand side of your screen.
    2. Move the surveys that you wish to share into it.
    3. Click the "Administration" tab followed by "Edit" for your sub-user.
    4. Click the "Rights" tab above your sub-user's name.
    5. Tick the check boxes for the permissions that you wish to set for your shared survey folder.
    6. "Save" your changes.
  • NOTE: You can learn more about how to manage your Multi Access Account by referring to the Multi-Access Account Guide.

15. My Key Survey account seems to be missing features. How do I turn them on?

If you feel that your account is missing features, contact Survey Support for assistance:

  • If you have an older account it is possible that some of the newer features may be turned off.
  • Survey Support can help you check this and enable features at any time.
  • NOTES:
    • The "Email List Distribution" options on your launch page are not accessible to you until your survey is activated.
    • Special features are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Survey Support if you require anything specific.

16. Does QUT provide templates for "Service Feedback" surveys?

Key Survey itself provides a general template, however you can request a more QUT focussed one if you wish:

  • Whenever you create a survey from a template, you can choose from a variety of models in the "Template Library".
  • Survey Support can also provide assistance to help teach you how to make a more university specific template.

17. What does Click-Through mean?

A "Click Through" is an action counter that tallies the number of times your survey is accessed by respondents:

  • This can refer to ANY access, from following the link to completing a survey over multiple sessions.
  • The Click Through can be reset on the Surveys page at any time once respondents start using it.

18. What are credits? What happens when I run out?

Key Survey uses credits to limit your account use. When they run out you will no longer be able to access your account:

  • In a commercial environment, Key Survey uses credits to encourage users to pay to maintain their accounts.
  • Since Key Survey is provided to you freely, you don't need to pay if you need credits added to your account.
  • Your account always starts with 100,000 credits.
  • If you do ever run out you can send an email request to Survey Support and more credits will be issued.

19. If Key Survey is free, why have credits at all?

The credit system cannot be disabled in Key Survey:

  • Although Key Survey is free at QUT, the application itself is still designed to manage users in a commercial environment.
  • No method of disabling this feature has been provided so we use credits to periodically audit accounts.
  • Credits are freely provided and added.

20. Can I copy surveys and results between accounts?

Yes - You will need to send a request email to Survey Support with the following details:

  • The login name of the source account: i.e. The account that holds your surveys;
  • The Survey ID/s for the items you wish to copy; &
  • The login name of the destination account: i.e. The account that you wish to copy surveys to.
  • NOTES:
    • The option to copy surveys between accounts is only open to Survey Support.
    • Whenever you make a request to copy a survey both the survey creator and developer must be made aware of it.
    • The person who owns the source account MUST consent to this copy request before any action can be taken.

21. How do I password protect my surveys?

You can password protect your surveys using either plug-ins, common-password surveys or a CSV spreadsheet:

  • There are three major methods to password protecting your surveys:
    1. Common Password Survey: Create a database survey that collects information and produces Profile Numbers that you can tie to your actual survey.
    2. Registration & Authentication plug-ins: Allow respondents to create their own username and password, logging in with this information each time.
    3. Password Survey Protection: Use a CSV file to act like a Common Password Survey.
  • To learn more about how to use these methods please refer to the "Video Tutorials".
  • NOTE: The "URL-Suffix" method also counts as a means of password protection.
  • You can learn more about the "URL-Suffix Account" by following this link.

22. Is it possible to create passwords for well over 1000 known respondents?

Yes - You can also create passwords more quickly if you share your account and enter profiles simultaneously:

  • If you are using a "Common Password" survey you can send it to your respondents for them to get their own profile numbers.
  • You can enter information and create profile numbers as an administrator and send them to potential respondents.
  • You can create numerous passwords in a spreadsheet and import them into Key Survey.
  • NOTE: There is no strict physical limit to the number of passwords and respondents that you are allowed to have.
  • Please be wary however that large numbers can affect the survey system.
  • Please check with Survey Support if you are unsure of anything.

23. Is it possible to create prize draw options in a survey that are separate from the data?

Yes - Please refer to the Survey Distribution FAQ for more information...

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