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This page provides a number of general questions that are frequently asked by Key Survey users. This page will be updated as new popular questions arise.

01. How do I get started with Key Survey?

The "Getting Started" page provides answers to all the questions you'll likely ask as a first time user.

02 How do I know if my survey's been activated by Survey Support?

A confirmation email will be sent to you once your survey request has been actioned.

03. Why do I get "Survey Inactive" messages when I've already activated it?

"Survey Inactive" messages normally occur when your survey link's active period expires:

  • Technically, you have the ability to launch your survey at any time using its "Launch" page in your account.
  • An "Activation" performed by Survey Support allows your survey to be publicly accessed once you launch it.
  • You can control when your survey's web address can be accessed by performing the following:
    1. Log into your account.
    2. Highlight the survey that you wish to launch.
    3. In the right hand panel, scroll down to the "Start" and "End Survey" dates.
    4. Set the "End" date first:
      1. Click the "Calendar" icon next to the "End" date box.
      2. Select your "month", "year" and then click on a "day" to change the date.
    5. OPTIONAL: Use the previous step to change your "Start Survey" date.
  • NOTES:
    • This page automatically saves each time you make a change.
    • You can also change your survey's active period by going to the "Launch" page for your survey.
    • You can change your survey's active period at any time.
    • To make your survey completely inaccessible to respondents, you can set your dates to any time in the past.
    • If you set your active period to a future date, the "Survey Inactive" message will continue to be displayed until the specified start date arrives.

04. Can I change the "Survey Inactive" message for my survey?

Sadly not in this version. You can work around this however by creating an information only survey using the same Master Survey URL.

05. Where does Key Survey store our data?

All Key Survey data is stored on a secure server within QUT:

  • This server is backed up and maintained by QUT EIS Staff.
  • Your information will always be accessible to you as it resides on-campus.
  • The "Key Survey Version Information" page provides detailed information about the Key Survey system.

06. How long is my data stored for?

ALL data on the Key Survey system is stored indefinitely:

  • We understand that a lot of data (research in particular) needs to be kept for prolonged time periods.
  • All staff behind QUT Key Survey follow specific data management guidelines to help you do that.
  • Your data will be kept for you even after you leave QUT (more in "Account Lifecycle").
  • You can learn more about "Research Data Management" online at QUT.

07. I'm an approver. What's my role in a survey launch process?

As an approver it will be your job to help ensure that your developer has followed all guidelines to produce content that is ready for public release:

  • Your survey developer is responsible for consulting you during the development process.
  • Both you and your survey developer need to confirm the survey's content before requesting activation.
  • Once an "Activation Request" form has been sent you will receive an automated email with instructions:
    • Follow the link provided in this email to complete an official confirmation form (Requires 2 seconds maximum).
  • NOTE: Your developer is solely responsible for the content that they release.
  • Only completed Official Confirmation Forms will be processed and activated.

08. Do we need to know a lot of web code to make good surveys?

No - The latest version of Key Survey is designed to work a lot like Word Processing software:

  • Using a little web code can be beneficial but it's not necessary.
  • Key Survey uses WYSIWYG Editors that can help you create stylish questions.
  • Your "Layout", "Plugins" and "Settings" pages provide a lot of tools that can be used at the click of a button.
  • If you like, you can learn about using code on the Web Code & Key Survey page.
  • You can also use a special feature called "Application Tags" - Click this link to view the guide.

09. How do I register for a Key Survey Workshop?

Visit the "Key Survey Workshops" page:

  • Upcoming classes and registration links are listed here.
  • You can learn more about each workshop and its expected outcomes.
  • You can also learn how to cancel registrations here.

10. How do I remove myself from a Key Survey Workshop?

You can cancel registrations for any Key Survey class by using your "Library Profile" (please refer to the Key Survey Workshops page for more details).

11. How do I book a consultation?

You can send an email request to Survey Support or contact us via mobile/telephone:

  • Please include possible meeting times when making a request.
  • You are welcome to propose a meeting at either Gardens Point or Kelvin Grove.
  • If you are requesting a group consultation you will be responsible for booking an appropriate room.
  • The "Contact Us" page includes our office locations and phone numbers.

12. Do consultations cost money?

No - Consultations are free for ALL QUT Staff and Students as well as associated developers:

  • External sub-users may partake in consultations provided that they are:
    • Partners to your survey project &
    • The surveys that they are helping you develop follow the "Conditions of Use".
  • NOTE: If you find that an external sub-user is creating surveys in breach of this, then their account must be suspended.

13. How do I get a copy of QUT's Key Survey Guides?

Send an email request to Survey Support or contact us via mobile/telephone:

  • You can also get a copy of these guides when you attend a "Key Survey workshop".
  • These notes are only available internally for QUT staff and students.

14. Is Key Survey a compulsory resource at QUT?

No - It's not compulsory, however it is an official resource at QUT and highly recommended:

  • If you are doing research or collecting sensitive data, Key Survey provides 24 hour availability, security and storage over an infinite period.
  • Data collected using Key Survey remains accessible only to you even after you leave QUT.
  • Key Survey freely offers more features and flexibility than a fully paid external tool.
  • Our ITS Staff are dedicated to following proper Data Management Practices while supporting your data.
  • There is little confidence that an external product can meet a researchers' data management requirements.

15. Can I use Key Survey to create application forms?

Yes - Provided that you follow the Conditions of Use, Key Survey can be used for administrative purposes:

  • Key Survey is not advertised for this purpose.
  • You are welcome to use it in this fashion however please be aware that these actions will not be as strongly supported.

16. Why don't my account pages look right when I login?

This could be due to a version upgrade or the use of an older browser with features turned off:

  • If you used Key Survey prior to an upgrade, your browser may be caching (or loading locally stored) assets from the old version.
  • You can resolve this by pressing F5 on your keyboard or emptying your browser's cache.
  • You can check Key Survey's "Browser Requirements" to see if your browser is outdated.
  • If you are using a browser that is supported check that your cookies and javascript are enabled.
  • You can find instructions to help you with this on the "Browser Requirements" page.

17. Can I link PDF files to my survey?

Yes - You can do this by using either Key Survey's Media Library or an external web space/application:

  1. To create a link using your Media Library:
    • Log into your account.
    • Double click the survey that you wish to modify.
    • "Create" or "Edit" a question.
    • In Section 2 write a phrase that briefly and accurately describes your PDF and highlight it.
    • Go to the toolbar and click the folder/picture icon (i.e. Import image from Media Libaray).
    • In the central panel click the "Upload" button.
    • Follow the prompts to find your PDF and upload it to Key Survey.
    • Click OK.
    • Save your question.
  2. If the PDF size is greater than your allowed limit you can use an application like Dropbox (opens a new window/tab) and paste the link into your question.

18. Can a respondent review their answers before they submit them?

Yes - You can use Key Survey's "Review" Application Tag:

  • While creating or editing your questions you can add a <review> tag pair:
    • The <review> tags are commonly used in "Section Header" question types.
    • They can be applied to other question types or headers and footers if you wish.
    • You can learn more about tags in the "Application Tags Guide".

19. Can a respondent print their survey answers?

Not directly at this point - It would depend on the web browser that you are using:

  • Key Survey does not provide a button that allows respondents to print your survey once it's finished.
  • At this stage a respondent would need to rely on their web browser's controls to print their survey.
  • Survey pages can only be printed on a per-page basis by default.

20. The pictures that I import are too big. How do I make them smaller?

The best way to do this is to use a graphics editing tool before re-importing your image:

  • Use Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or Microsoft Paint to resize your image.
  • If you do not have access to these you can download a free program called "GIMP".

21. How can I make my survey more "Mobile Device" friendly?

All surveys you create are mobile friendly by default:

  • You can improve mobile accessibility by applying a "mobile device visual theme" (Layout page) and/or adding mobile friendly control plug-ins.

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