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Multi-Access Account Guide

How to manage your Multi-Access Account

When you get a Multi-Access account you will gain access to an "Administration" tab. This tab will allow you to add a set number of sub-users (three by default) and control their permissions over your surveys and folders.

Add a new sub-user:

How to add a sub-user image. Instructions provided below

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Set sub-user permissions:

Once you have started creating sub-users you will gain access to a new tab called "Rights". This is where you can set their permissions and access rights.

NOTE: All Multi-Access accounts will reserve the "Main" file folder for your surveys ONLY - Sub-users cannot be given permission to access this folder.

How to set sub-user permissions. Instructions provided below.

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Groups and Group Rights

You can create and set Group Rights for your sub-users in a very similar way to setting them for an individual:

How to create a new sub-user group image. Instructions provided below.

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