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Activation Request Form Explained

This page goes through the "Request Survey Activation form" and all of its required fields. The information that you provide in this form tells both us and your approver:

Underlined headings provide additional help information if you hover over them with your cursor.

"Survey Details"

Launch request survey details image - This section asks you for the name of your survey and the Key Survey account that it sits in.

Survey Details

  • Login name for Survey Account used...: Type the login name for the account you used to create your survey.
  • Master Survey URL/s...: The survey launch link/s as displayed on your "Launch" page/s in your account.
  • Survey IDs...: You can find it near the top of the right hand panel on the "Surveys" page when you highlight a survey.
  • OPTIONAL: Survey Name/s...: Your survey name as displayed on the "Survey's" page in your account.
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"Survey Owner Contact Details"

Survey Owner Details image - (Optional) Enter information about the person who owns and designed your survey.

Survey Owner Contact Details

This section is optional and only needs to be filled in if you are making surveys for other people.

"Survey Launch Approver Details"

Launch Approver Details image - Enter the details for the person responsible for approving your survey.

Survey Launch Approver Details

This is a compulsory section which must be completed by ALL staff and students.

NOTE: Please ensure that these details are entered correctly as the auto email is required to approve all requests.

  • Approver's Name: Your approver's name.
  • Position: Your approver's professional role (e.g. Manager, Project Leader...).
  • Phone: Your approver's preferred contact number.
  • Faculty/Division/Institute: Your approver's area within QUT (e.g. Health)
  • School/Department: Your approver's specific area of work (e.g. School of Midwifery)
  • Email: Your approver's preferred contact address.

Who's my approver?: You can learn more about your approver on the "Getting Started" page or in an Induction Class.

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"Conditions of Survey Launch"

Conditions image - This section provides a checklist of the steps that you need to take before making this request.

Conditions of Survey Launch

At this stage, it is assumed that you have already read the Conditions of Use in full at least once.

Simply check the provided box to confirm your acceptance and agreement and click "Submit Request".

NOTE: If your form does not submit successfully, check that you have answered all required fields and be careful not to use special characters (e.g. *, - etc).