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Account Request Form Explained

This page goes through the "Key Survey Account Request form" and its required fields.

"Survey Details" Section

Account details image requesting contact and QUT related details

Survey Details

The "Survey Details" section asks you to enter your contact details. This helps us create an account in your name and provides details if we need to contact you.

NOTE: Autofilled fields are based on your QUT login. These details cannot be edited in this form.

  • User Category: Type of QUT User (autofilled).
  • Title: e.g. Mr, Miss, Ms, Dr, Prof etc.
  • Name: Your full name (autofilled).
  • Gender: Specify if you are Male, Female or Other.
  • Faculty/Division/Institute: Your area within QUT (e.g. TILS).
  • School/Department: Your specific work area (e.g. ITS).
  • Research Centre: Your specific research or work group if applicable (e.g. HPC).
  • Room/Location: Your office or room number (if applicable).
  • Email: Your QUT address (autofilled).
  • QUT Access Username: Your QUT ID (autofilled).
  • Contacts: Your phone number/s in order or contact preference.
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"Special Usage Requirements"

Special Requirements section image - This section allows you to specify anything special that you would like your account to do.

Special Usage Requirements

Use this section to specify:

  • If you'll be sharing your account.
  • The Account Type that you'd like to have; AND/OR
  • A preferred account name.

Click "Yes" and then type your requirements.

If you have selected a Multi-Access Account you can also specify how many sub-users you'll need here.

NOTE: This part of the form is subject to change and will soon allow you to select from a range of available account types.

"Supervisor's Approval" Section

Supervisor's approval image requesting student account holders to enter their approver's details.

Supervisor's Approval

The "Supervisor's Approval" section applies ONLY to students and can be skipped if you are a staff member.

NOTE: Your surpervisor's information needs to be entered correctly as your survey creation process and launching procedures will require their input.

  • The details that you enter here are very similar to the ones that you enter for yourself (Survey Details).
  • For Students: Your Supervisor also doubles as your primary survey approver - Keep these details and use them when requesting Survey Activation.
  • For Staff: Staff can skip this section under the assumption that they create numerous surveys under many Project Leaders.
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"Conditions of Service"

Conditions image - This section reminds account holders to read, understand and agree with the Conditions of Service before applying for an account.

Conditions of Service

Conditions of Service reminds all new Key Survey account holder to read, understand and agree to Key Survey's Conditions of Use before submitting this form.

NOTE: By checking the provided box you in turn have agreed to the terms and conditions stated on this website.