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What is a URL Suffix Account?

A URL Suffix account is a special account type that allows you to create surveys with unique addresses for each respondent without knowing who or how many there are.

How do I get one?

A URL Suffix account is only given to you under a special condition. Consultation with Survey Support is the only way to get this type of account.

How would I use a URL Suffix Account?

  1. When your account is created Survey Support will ask you to specify a *URL Suffix:
    • A *URL Suffix is a special question that you attach to the end of your surveys.
    • Examples: "StudentNumber=", or "QUTID="
  2. Your URL Suffix will attach itself to the end of ALL surveys that you make with this account:
    • Your survey's special web address can be found on your "Launch" page.
    • Example: "http://survey.qut.edu.au/survey/123456/1aef/?Pwd2=b123StudentNumber=".
    • Your survey web address is incomplete and inaccessible in this state.
  3. A URL Suffix survey can only be accessed by completing the survey's link:
    • Example "http://survey.qut.edu.au/survey/123456/1aef/?Pwd2=b123StudentNumber=n2345678".
    • Respondents can complete this link by entering the details asked in the URL Suffix.
    • You can also complete this link before manually sending complete addresses to specific respondents.

When would this type of account come in handy?

  • In situations where you need to identify respondents without asking for personal details.
  • For long surveys that require multiple sessions to complete and no set email list to send to.
  • In situations where you need to create unique addresses with custom values to identify people.

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