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Glossary of Terms

Provided below is a list of commonly used terms associated with Key Survey along with their definitions:

NOTE: New terms will be added based on commonly asked questions.

Account Related Terms

Account Subscription:
When an account is made it is given a default lifespan of one year. If your account subscription expires you can extend it for free by contacting the Survey Support.
Remove test messages from your surveys and allow full public access to them (see Launch & Activate).
"Approval Required":
The survey that you have highlighted will require activation before you can launch it publicly (see Launch & Activate for further details).
Credits are designed to limit your account features. They are freely distributed at QUT and can be recharged any time via email request (see FAQs for further details).
Distribute and release your survey for use (see Launch & Activate).
"Media Library":
A page located under "My Account" which is used to store media files online for use in your surveys.
Multi-Access Account:
A Key Survey account designed for a single person to manage a set number of sub-users (see Account Types).
Shared Account:
A Single Account with a shared username and password for more than one person (see Account Types).
Single Account:
A Key Survey standard account designed for a single person's use (see Account Types).
SMA Account:
SMA or "Shared Multi-Access" is a Multi-Access account with more than one administrator (see Account Types).
Survey Creation Workflow:
A development process designed to help researchers create high quality surveys and collect meaningful respondent data.
Survey Series:
A complex survey consisting of two or more surveys combined using a common identifier, password profile or redirection plug-in.
URL Suffix:
Add an identifying question to the end of your survey's web address (see URL Suffix Guide).

Development Related Terms

Application Tags:
Special code that can add specific functions to your survey. These tags look like single web tags (e.g. <upload_your_file/> - See the Application Tag Guide for more information).
The number of respondents who have successfully completed your survey.
Click Through:
An activity tally that counts the number of times anyone has used your web link to access your survey.
"Edit Survey" Page:
Provides an overview of all of your survey questions (including Section Headings).
Email Survey Distribution:
Send your survey to a specific list of respondents' email addresses.
HTML Code:
Generate code snippets to help launch your survey inside web pages.
In Progress:
The number of people who have opened and partially completed your survey or failed to submit a response.
Master Survey URL:
Copy and paste your survey's web address into an email or a web page.
Password Survey Protection:
Use a spreadsheet to import respondent details and use them as login credentials.
Customise your questions by using answers entered in previous questions.
Question Analysis Code (or QAC):
A custom label that you can apply to your questions which can be queried after exporting to external programs (e.g. Excel, XML or SPSS).
Question Identifier (or QID):
A custom name that you can create for your questions that can be referred to using Piping, Logic and Plug-in Settings.
Response Rate:
The percentage of respondents who have successfully completed your survey.
"Surveys" Page:
The "Surveys" page is the main page in your account that lists all of your surveys and folders.
Upload Responses:
Upload response files into your survey for analysis.
An acronym for "What You See Is What You Get".