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Usage Tips

This page provides a few general usage tips that can help you manage and effectively use your Key Survey account.

Tips for managing my account:

  • If you can't log into your account or get to your surveys:
  • You can check the status of Key Survey by visiting News & Service Updates or checking your email.
  • You can replenish your credits and subscriptions for free by contacting Survey Support.
  • The "Approval Required" message on your "Surveys" page informs you if your survey requires "Activation".
  • If you have a "Multi-Access" account, you can control your sub-users by using your "Administration" tab.
    • You can lock your sub-users' accounts at any time.
    • Your respondents cannot access surveys in your "Main" folder.
    • Move surveys that you want them to access in a sub-folder and set your permissions for them.
    • You can find more details about Multi-Access management in the Multi-Access Account Guide.

Tips for creating a new survey:

  • IMPORTANT! Do not forget to "Save" your changes (if a button is provided) before moving on to a new screen.
  • Don't use web code in your surveys if you don't need to.
  • Use your templates, editors, wizards and plug-ins first - they are designed to do a lot of web code for you.
  • A "Common Password Survey" is ONLY used to produce passwords.
  • IMPORTANT! If your survey appears to be inactive check the "Active dates" on your "Surveys" or "Launch" page:
    • A survey can be inactive even after it has been activated.
  • If you're using Master Survey URL (see Glossary of Terms) to launch your survey, ignore "*Section 4" on your "Launch" page:
    • *Section 4 lists alternate ways of launching your survey.
    • A Master Survey URL is "launched" once your survey dates have been set and your link has been released to the public.
  • IMPORTANT! If you are using an "Email Survey Distribution" (see Glossary of Terms) DO NOT send your survey to a mailing-list or group email address:
    • "Email Survey Distribution" is intended for listing single email addresses ONLY.
    • Key Survey considers ALL respondents under a group email as a "single person".
    • Example: In large scale you could have over 1000 respondents overwriting a single survey.
  • You can re-use any custom scales that you create, anywhere in your account.
  • Use your web developers/designers: HTML, CSS and Javascript all work in Key Survey.

Some General Points to Consider:

  • Your survey cover letter needs to explain the following to your respondents:
    • Objectives
    • Procedures
    • Risks; &
    • Benefits.
  • You are responsible for protecting the rights, privacy and confidentiality of your survey respondents.
  • Contact details must be provided so respondents can ask questions if necessary.

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