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Survey Activation allows you to launch your surveys publicly. You can "activate" them by filling in a request form (link provided below).

Please make sure that you follow and complete ALL of these steps BEFORE you continue:

Request Survey Activation

Turn-Around Period

Once you have submitted your survey activation request form, an automated email will be sent to your approver for action.

Once we receive confirmation from your nominated approver please allow up to 7 working days (10 working days during limited service periods) for your survey to be made available for public access.

Step-By-Step Guide - How to "Activate" and "Launch" your survey

  1. Test and review your completed survey with your Approver. He/she could be your:
    • Supervisor
    • Head of School, Department or Institute
    • Project Leader; OR
    • A person with sufficient authority
    • STAFF ONLY: You can be your own approver (A Proof Reader is still required)
  2. Follow the link above to access the "Request Survey Activation" form:
  3. Once you have submitted your form an automated email will be sent to your approver.
  4. Your approver will need to confirm the readiness of your survey/s by following the instructions found on the automated email:
    • NOTE: If your approver is on leave, their backup person can act in their stead - Simply add them to your form.
  5. Once we have received confirmation, your survey will be processed as specified by the "Turn-Around Period".
  6. Confirmation emails will be sent to you:
    • If your form is filled in incorrectly - A reason will be provided and you will need to resubmit a form.; OR
    • If your request is approved/denied by your approver; AND
    • Once Survey Support has processed your request/s.
  7. Once your survey has been activated you can launch it publicly using your Key Survey account's "Launch" pages:
    • Click the "Launch" button for your survey on the main "Surveys" page.
    • Set your "Start" and "End" survey dates to cover the period that your respondents will be using your survey.
    • Choose your distribution method and send your survey to your respondents.

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