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Letter & Research Templates

Downloadable Participation Consent and Cover Letter Templates:

Survey Support has provided templates to help you add Official Participant Consent Forms and cover letters to your online surveys.

You can PREVIEW a template by clicking an image (opens in a new tab) OR OPEN a template for use by left-clicking the corresponding link.

Instructions for using a template are provided in the right-hand column below:

How do I use one of these templates in Key Survey?

  1. Left-click your desired link to open the template.
  2. Select and Copy all of the template text.
  3. Go to Key Survey and create a new Section Header.
  4. Hit "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" to turn the editor OFF.
  5. Paste the copied text into your Section Header.
  6. Click the "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" button again to turn the editor back on.
  7. Replace the text in ALL CAPS with your content.
  8. Click "Save" before previewing your file.
  9. FOR Flexible Templates:
    • Click "Layout" to go to the themes page.
    • Click "QUT Responsive Templates" in the left-hand panel
    • Click on any thumbnail image on the right to update your theme.
  • NOTES:
    • The templates are designed to look like the image samples:
      • DO NOT change any spacing or tags while copying and pasting.
      • You can find notes about a template by previewing it (Left-Click the template's thumbnail image)
      • Flexible themes are reliant on QUT Responsive templates to display correctly.
      • You can learn more about the code online (Web Code & Key Survey page).
      • For more information, please contact Survey Support.

Learn more about the 2017 templates

Provided below are links to the "Human-Readable" versions of the new templates. We have provided these for users interested in learning more about how the templates work:

Templates Archive (for Desktops ONLY)

We have provided the older PIF and letter templates below. You can use the same instructions above to use them.