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Participant Consent & Letter Templates

Downloadable Templates for Key Survey:

There are two ways to include your Participant Consent Form or a Cover Letter into your survey:

  1. Convert your form to PDF and EMBED it in a Key Survey Section Header; OR
  2. Insert a coded template into a Key Survey Section Header.

Both methods are accessible but Embed PDF is recommended as it is easier and less time-consuming.
Please click on an icon below to see the relevant instructions:

This method allows you to embed an accessible & printable version of your cover document into a Key Survey Section Header. This method is much faster than re-creating your form using code.

  1. Convert your document into PDF using an external application (e.g. Word, Acrobat Pro).
  2. Upload your document to your Key Survey Media Library.** Hover for details **
  3. Highlight and copy the "Link to file" and return to the Surveys page.
  4. Edit your survey.
  5. Create a Section Header (or Text for Section Heading) above Q1.
  6. Click "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" to switch off the toolbar.
  7. Type the following code (replace "XXX" with your PDF link - Copied from Step 3)...
    • <div align=center style="padding: 0.3em; width: 100%"><embed src="XXX" type="application/pdf" width="90%" height="450vh;"/></div>
  8. Save your Section Header.

This method allows you to create a web-based version of your cover inside a Key Survey Section Header. This method requires more effort and can be touchy, but it creates the most accessible form of document that fits within any of the Key Survey's "Layout" themes ** Hover for details **.

There are two types of template:

  1. Responsive - Works with QUT Responsive templates ONLY; &
  2. Independant - Works with any QUT Classic or WA Theme

How to use a Responsive Template

  1. Left click a "Responsive" file to open the template.
  2. Select and Copy all of the template text.
  3. Go to Key Survey and create a new Section Header.
  4. Hit "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" to turn the editor OFF.
  5. Paste the copied text into your Section Header.
  6. Click the "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" button again to turn the editor back on.
  7. Replace the text in ALL CAPS with your content.
  8. Click "Save" before previewing your file.
  9. Click "Layout" in the toolbar at the top to go to the themes page.
  10. Click "QUT Responsive Templates" in the left-hand panel.
  11. Left click on any theme of your choice in this folder.

How to use an Independant Template

  1. Left click an "Independant" file to open the template.
  2. Follow "Steps 2 - 8 from above" to apply the template.