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Downloadable Ethics Disclaimer and Cover Letter Templates:

Survey Support has provided templates to help you add ethics disclaimer documents and cover letters to your online surveys (please refer to sample images below).

To view or download a template file please click (or right-click and choose "Save Link/Target As") on the links below:

How to use a template file in Key Survey (Using WYSIWYG - Recommended)

  1. Open the template using your browser or a text editor.
  2. Copy all of the template text.
  3. Go to Key Survey and create a new Section Header.
  4. Hit "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" to turn the editor OFF.
  5. Paste the copied text into your Section Header.
  6. Click the "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" button again to turn the editor back on.
  7. Read the text in ALL CAPS and replace it with your content.
  8. Click "Save" before previewing your file.
  • NOTES:
    • The templates are designed to look like the image samples:
      • DO NOT change any spacing or tags while copying and pasting.
      • These templates may look different depending on your survey's visual theme.
      • If you have any problems please refer to Web Code & Key Survey or contact Survey Support.

How to use a template file in Key Survey (Using Code - Advanced)

  1. Open your downloaded file in a simple text editor:
  2. Read the instructions in ALL CAPS.
  3. Replace these instructions with your text.
  4. Log in to your Key Survey account.
  5. Create a new "Section Heading" question.
  6. Hit "Toggle WYSIWYG Editor" to turn the editor off.
  7. Copy and paste your edited template (including web code) into your Section Heading.
  8. Click "Save" before previewing your file.

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